Office 365 Newsfeed

Office 365 Newsfeed

Office 365 Newsfeed

Office 365 Newsfeed is an online suite to interact with your organization’s SharePoint social network. In this training you will learn all the basics of this Cloud Service.

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What is Office 365 Newsfeed?
With the Office 365 Newsfeed you are able to interact with your organization's SharePoint social network while on the go. You can easily navigate your feeds and participate in conversations on your company feed or in the SharePoint sites you are following.

With SharePoint Newsfeed you can keep up with your colleagues’ latest comments and posts en create new posts and share updates or questions.

In this training you will learn the basics of Office 365 Newsfeed. You will learn how to access and use this Cloud Service, how to manage your newsfeed and  how to use other Newsfeed Apps.

Structure of the training 
This training contains…
 Instruction videos;
 Recaps, which are summaries of the video material;
 Simulations to practice your new skills.

In this training you will learn...
  how to read messages, start conversations and follow people and content;
 how to use the other features of the Newsfeed to edit your profile, create and maintain a blog,
    organize apps and work with tasks.

You don't need any special education to follow this training. The software is not included in this e-learning course.

The training Office 365 Newsfeed consists of 3 lessons. You can follow a lesson in about 10 to 15 minutes. There are also several simulations. The total duration is about two hours for studying the material and following the simulations. This may be more or less depending on existing knowledge and your study method.

Trial lesson and start training 
You can follow a free trial lesson by using the button above. You can also start your training immediately via this button. 

Teaching model
Research shows when knowledge is exclusively transferred through a classroom training, only 5% of the knowledge has a lasting impact. Our digital learning system and our courses are designed to take you through different ways of transferring knowledge with a very high impact.

Digital learning system
Our digital learning system works on any PC or tablet with an internet connection. We recommend a high-bandwidth connection such as cable. It is particularly easy to use. Each training begins with a short video showing the functionalities and controlling of our system.

We love to learn from you
At the end of the training you will be asked to fill out a feedback form. We will use this to improve our products.

Technical support
We offer you technical support via our learning system’s integrated support button. We aim to answer your question within two working days. In a selection of courses you will be guided by our built-in simulator. We do not offer content-related support.

Digital certificate of participation
After filling out the feedback form at the end of the training you will receive a digital certificate of participation.

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