Starting with Prezi

Starting with Prezi

Starting with Prezi

Prezi is a new innovative presentation tool based on an infinite canvas. Prezi helps you organize and share your ideas. Start learning Prezi now!

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Prezi is an innovative web based presentation tool based on an infinite canvas. Text, images and videos can be displayed on the canvas and can be structured by frames. A path in the Prezi sets the storyline of the presentation. The power of Prezi is the infinite canvas and the zooming features. Zooming out provides overview, zooming in provides details. This transfer of knowledge is more appropriate for the way our brain processes and holds on to information.

What you will learn
In this course you will learn all the basics to start using Prezi. In 16 lessons you will learn everything you need to create a persuading Prezi presentation. Of course you will explore the interface and learn how to navigate through Prezi, but also how to use a 5-step-plan to create your first prezi in an easy way. You will learn how to add text, images and videos and how you can use frames to structure your content. We will teach you how you create a path to tell your story and how you download your Prezi to present offline. We love to teach you Prezi, so start learning Prezi now!

Structure of the training
 Instruction video's
 Recaps; summary of the video material

 What is Prezi?
 Creating an account
 Starting a new Prezi
 Exploring the Prezi editor
 Easy 5-step-plan
 Adding text
 Adding shapes
 Structuring with frames
 Adding images
 Adding videos
 Changing colors and fonts
 Creating a path in your Prezi
 Presenting your Prezi
 Inspirational examples
 Next steps

This course is developed by Prezi University, founded by Hedwyg van Groenendaal, one of the few hand selected official Prezi Experts worldwide. Hedwyg has four years experience with Prezi and twenty years of teaching experience in the field of web design and author of thirteen books. She wrote the first book on Prezi worldwide and won the TED-Prezi contest “Ideas Matter”.

Simulations are an application of the theoretical curriculum.

You don't need a specific education to follow this course.

This training contains eight modules which are divided in paragraphs. Each module will take about three hours. This may be more or less depending on existing knowledge and your method of study.

Trial lesson and start training
You can follow a free trial lesson by using the 'Try' button above. You can also start your course immediately with this button.

Teaching model
Research shows when knowledge exclusively is transferred bij a classroom training, only 5% of the knowledge has a lasting impact. Our digital learning system and our courses are designed to take you through different ways of knowledge with a very high impact.

Digital learning system
Our digital learning system works on any PC or tablet with an internet connection. We recommend a high-bandwidth connection such as cable. It is particularly easy to use. Each training begins with a short video showing the functioning and controling of our system.

We love to learn from you
At the end of the course you will be asked to fill in a feedback form. We will use this to improve our products.

Technical support
We offer you technical support via our learning system integrated support button. We aim to answer your question within 2 week days. At selected courses you will be guided by our built-in simulator. We offer no content-related support.

Digital certificate of participation
After filling out a feedback form you will receive a digital certificate at the end of the course.

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