Professional Presentation

Professional Presentation

Professional Presentation

Presentation coaching and training for managers who want to inspire others with their vision and get them along on their path.

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Did you ever find yourself struggling before an audience trying to get your ideas across? Or does your extensive experience cause you to fall back on the automatic pilot too much? Well, rest assured, you are not alone and the good news is: anyone can master the art of speaking in public, you too! In the future, you will know exactly how to enthuse the toughest crowds and make it look effortless. You will even experience joy while doing so.

What would you need to feel at ease in front of an audience?
How can you engage them in a lively debate?
How can you captivate people and inspire them ?

Speaking in front of an audience is easy when you believe in what you say and add some enthusiasm to how you say it. When you relate your talk to the needs and goals of your audience and get them into action. That is what we will focus on during this course, while we will also direct our attention to elaborate on your own personal presentation style.

Topics addressed:
 Mental preparation: what would you need to be able to speak freely and with pleasure?
 Body-language: how can you effectively make use of your body, breath and voice?
 Appearance: increase your impact.
 Be ‘in sync’: interact with your listeners, deal with their responses and engage them on your mission or engage
     yourself in theirs.
 Influence: seduce your audience to take action. Use powerful words and build-ups.
 Visuals: bring attractive and supporting visuals into play.

Structure of the training
 Instruction video's, texts and images
 Small every day exercises that help you to increase your confidence and impact
 Exercises to get to know your audiences and yourself as presenter

You don't need a specific education to follow this training.

The duration of the training Professional Presentation depends on how you use the training. It consists of 42 paragraphs. You can follow a paragraph in about 10 to 15 minutes. There are also several questionnaires and exercises. The total duration is about 10 hours for the study of the material and 2 hours for performing and studying the exercises. This may be more or less depending on existing knowledge and experience and your method of study.

Trial lesson and start training
You can follow a free trial lesson by using the 'Try' button above. You can also start your training immediately via this button.

Teaching model
Research shows when knowledge exclusively is transferred by a classroom training, only 5% of the knowledge has a lasting impact. Our digital learning system and our courses are designed to take you through different ways of knowledge with a very high impact. You will be able to incorporate your training in your daily schedule.

Digital learning system
Our digital learning system works on any PC or tablet with an internet connection. We recommend a high-bandwidth connection such as cable. It is particularly easy to use. Each training begins with a short video showing the functioning and controlling of our system.

We love to learn from you
At the end of the course you will be asked to fill in a feedback form. We will use this to improve our products.

Technical support
We offer you technical support via our learning system integrated support button. We aim to answer your question within 2 week days. At selected trainings you will be guided by our built-in simulator. We offer no content-related support.

Digital certificate of participation
After filling out a feedback form you will receive a digital certificate at the end of the training

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